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We live in zip code 33948, for the past three weekends the power has gone out during the day. I understand during severe winds, but today it went out at 11 am, and was out till 6:30 pm. No winds, just a light rain. I have called about trees in the neighborhood that have grown all over the lines. Nothing is done. Causes (according to fpl) are always the same (damage to fpl equipment). GET... Read more

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Ok. Power been out since 5 am they send someone out he sees a down power line and says some one will come out to clear transformer of trees so they can repair. Tree guys show up cut branches and said someone else will come fix down line. FPL crew doesnt show until 2am they stay for about 20 mins and leave with no explanation. Now FPL says it wont be fixed until maybe 10am. I have been looking at... Read more

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I had a simple question and was treated with extemem disrespect and very rude attitude. The mans name was Mario. I asked for a manager and she was equally as rude and did not seem to care about my complaint. I wish they tryed talking to me like that in person! Add comment

Cant redeem certificate from greek restaurant (plaka ll) located in ft myers will only take 10.00 dollar increment which fpl doesn't have very upset and fpl wont help Add comment

A small animal came in contact with the FPL lines behind my house in Miami at 8:00 PM. They are telling me it will take 6 hours to turn my power back on when all they need to do is throw the transformer switch back on. Exactly how incompetent is FPL any ag coop would have this taken care of in an hour and a half max. Add comment

i moved here last year from ct and i paid a deposit of 175 no mention of enrolling in checking autopay this year i moved now all of a sudden the deposits 240 for no reason BUT if i enroll in checking autopay it will go down to 170. WTF!!!!whats this about they keep saying based on credit my credits the same never changed. We need to start a class action lawsuit to stop this. Somebody has got to... Read more

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It seems their motto is " it was someone else's fault," because that's all I hear every time I speak to one of their poor attitude customer service frauds. I've called twice in the past week, the first was due to random outages while I'm at work, they blamed the apartment complex. This second was because, FOR THE SECOND TIME, someone has opened an account in my address and my account has been... Read more

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Precious bamboo demolished. The crew was lied to. Said FPL got my consent. Planted bamboo as buffer to keep this from happening. Would never grow high enough to interfere with power line. Add comment

My fan on my air conditioner blew last week and it was from an electrical surge, probably from FP&L working in the area. It cost me $300. Our community also suffered a blown heater at the hot tub. Other neighbors are now reporting problems. My fan on my air conditioner blew last week and it was from an electrical surge, probably from FP&L working in the area. It cost me $300. Our... Read more

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