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Long story short, their equipment had a malfunction and sent a power surge to my house which blew out my AC blower motor and cost me $675. FPL denied my claim stating that they cannot guarantee that they will send good power to my house. Ridiculous! What I'm hearing is, we don't stand by our product, and will screw our customers every chance we get. I wish there was another power company I could use. These government sponsored monopolies are... Read more

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The online service cannot find my new account, so I can pay the bill I got in my email. It doesn't know the last 4 digits of my SS no., and it is in a class of its own the most frustrating online site I have ever navigated. Wouldn't if be wonderful if a competing power company existed, so we could just change service? As if that isn't bad enough, now this window tells me I have to enter at least 100 words to submit the review. Wouldn't if... Read more

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Fpl has no care for anyone specially small children . Waiting on the renegades to do their job but they are walking around cashing their overtime Nice! Add comment

I just want to talk to a real person to ask why i didnt receive my bill. All i get is a dam machine, so fed up. Do you have real peopl working any more. The machine cant answer my questions. You treat people very rude by not talking to us without all personal information such as s/s #, and other questions that have no bearing on what i want to know. Get real people and act like human beings to uour customers who keep you in business. It is the... Read more

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This conservative right wing company is one of the most rotten Lowlife sorry no good scabs on the American economy corporate greed has run rampant if you're poor you'll pay a higher deposit the CEO of this company needs to be locked up better than that put against a wall and shot this company is the worst electric company in the US of any place I've lived and by the way oil has got cut in half why are not electric bills cut in half good question... Read more

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Worst ever. Always the 30 year old transformer trips every 1-2 months. Very old transformer and never replace it or trim the trees around. Up north you could choose from 3 different companies. But FORCED to deal with the worst one ! Add comment

FPL and its parent Nextra Energy should be fined heavily by regulators based on their crummy customer service and insolent attitude. I own a rental property that had service in my name. Then it was rented. Now it's vacant but the previous account is now closed. ("Can it be re-opened?" "No, Sir.") No...that would be too simply. Then FPL demands a $350 security deposit because that it 2x the average monthly billing. I explain that if they look... Read more

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Same thing here. Made one payment late by two days due to banking account issue and now i have to pay an additional deposit in order to keep power on at my business. Have never been late on residential bill in past 20 years of service nor with business account for past 6 years of service until this last month. What the *** kind of loyalty is this? And you can bet they are earning interest on all that deposit money they receive too. FPL: "sorry... Read more

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We live in zip code 33948, for the past three weekends the power has gone out during the day. I understand during severe winds, but today it went out at 11 am, and was out till 6:30 pm. No winds, just a light rain. I have called about trees in the neighborhood that have grown all over the lines. Nothing is done. Causes (according to fpl) are always the same (damage to fpl equipment). GET SOME NEW EQUIPMENT!.. Trim some brush. Even if... Read more

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