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Florida Power and Light Company - Lost $675 due to FPL policy negligence 1 of 1 people found it helpful
What an inept bunch of clowns.They told us on three consecutive days our power would be restored by midnight. We got emails on Sat.sun. and Mon. It is Tue And still no power.F**k you, fpl
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I live in Palm Coast and I am a customer of FPL.I have now been without electricity since Friday(it is Sunday night). I have tried to complain through their site but my only option as to where i reside is Other. Funny I dont pay my electricity bill as other. I have watched other Counties have their power restored while half our city remains in darkness. It wouls appear we are small fish in the FPL ocean. Maybe it is tome to work for a private...
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Called to report outage from hurricane Mathew was given a ticket number in the 900's on Sunday still no power on our side of the street but homes all around us do. Power company employees came to the house and tell us they will need to resubmit our ticket because according to the records our power is fully restored called again Sunday evening now ticket number is upwards of 9000.automated system reports service to be restored this evening. After...
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Customer service and management is substandard.Every house in our neighborhood has power except for ours. After talking to customer service and the supervisor (four times) the supervisor told us that the power had already been restored to our neighborhood. He stated that somebody would come out to look at our house. Nobody has come and we are now going into our 48th hour of no service. We have two young children, 3 dogs, and both work in...
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Look, I understand that we were hit by a catastrophic event in Hurricane Matthew.FPLs handling of service restoration has been atrocious. I live in NW St John's County, where the boundary between JEA and FPL is CR210. Looking across the street, JEA had svc up within 2 hours. It is day 2 going into day 3 and FPL has yet to even communicate their plan. They've highlighted that they prioritized lesser hit areas in south Florida, but up here...
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FPL is the worst provider of power that I have ever experienced!they cant figure how to provide power on a reliable basis. We invested in a home generator because of the regular issues not because of storm (hurricane) concerns....it just makes me sick the total lack of concern that this company has toward its customers!!! The power constantly goes out during in the simplest of rain storms or even worse...just a beautiful day. They seem to be...
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  • Nowhere to complain
  • Poor power relability
Long story short, their equipment had a malfunction and sent a power surge to my house which blew out my AC blower motor and cost me $675.FPL denied my claim stating that they cannot guarantee that they will send good power to my house. Ridiculous! What I'm hearing is, we don't stand by our product, and will screw our customers every chance we get. I wish there was another power company I could use. These government sponsored monopolies are...
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