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In August 2014 I had a problem with the power line in my building , and it cause me a lot of damage , the way it's start is the light goes so bright and then dim right a way it called fluctuations of power , and we find out there was a smoke and some clicking nose coming from the wall and 90% of my Apliances stop working immediately I call 911 ,fireman came quick did a theroll check luckily no major fire in the building exept the outlet witch we had the smoke came from... so I didn't think it's the FPL problem so far ,so I call an electrician to come and do some repair and it was a week end and it is very hard to find one even though I was willing to pay extra charge because of the emergency no one was available , so I had to wait antill Monday , by theway when the fireman were here I was on phone with FPL explaining what happened and they couldn't figure out what is going from that point all my Apliances in the building has stop working and I have a 4 plex so me and my tenant can't use any of that, at that point I was happy that thank god there is no fire in the building I shut off he breaker for the circuit were the smoke came from thinking ok Monday it will be fixed but no luck same problem and I don't know what to do , so next day I called FPL and I told them this problem it can't be happening to hole building because I have four separated miter for each apt so it must be something from outside...2 hours later they send someone to check and guess what ...there was the problem , they find one of the cable coming from outside was diconnected witch is the neutral cable so I had 2 hot wire coming in only and no neutral to balance it up, the FPL guy did something but it didn't fixe the problem then he called the office and they send 2 big truck withe hole crew working in the dark till 10 pm , they find the problem fixed and stated It was there fault not mine ,because what happened is the outside pole is very old build since 1966 is leaning to the side and. That. What cause the neutral cable to get loose ...

Now. Here is the other Story with FPL ...I file a claim for compensation for my losses witch is 4 microwaves over the range , one Double oven,2 ranges ,fridge, washer machine ,and 5 power surge protecting all the tv's ,and $1000 bill from the electrican to fixe and rewire some circuit damage was estimated about $10,000 ,

After 3 months back and forth with FPL and arguing they compensate me with less then $2,500 for everything ,and they borked down like this ,payed the electrican work $1,000 and $1,500 for the rest saying due to the age of the Apliances they are under apriciated %80 ( by theway they send a technician to *** to damage on all tha Apliances )...

So now I had to buy a new Apliances that is going to cost me a fortune ($10,000) because that was the final answer from them...I always pay my FPL bill on time but they still screwing me ...

I don't know if anybody had this problem like this and get justice let me know...

Thank you all

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Have you tried filing a complaint with Next Era Energy? This is the current name of the company that owns FPL and I believe is the name that FPL stock is traded under in the stock market (NEE).

to C Snow Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #917436

Thx I wi try to contact them

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